Digital Signage

What is Digital Signage?
It is not a digital signature, as some may imagine, but an electronic display that provides general information, wayfinding or other messaging to people who come by your area of campus. [1] Because the signs are digital, they can be updated quickly by a wide range of individuals. In fact, for the most basic digital signs, the most you need to know is how to create a PowerPoint slide!

Information Technology Services has established a partnership with Four Winds Interactive that will allow us to centralize our digital signage implementations across the university. After extensive testing of a variety of different solutions, we believe that this solution provides the best digital signage delivery system for Baylor's needs. The system is very easy to use and highly-scalable, allowing flexibility for both local development and centralized management for consistent university branding and notifications during campus emergencies.

Whether you have an existing digital signage system in your office or are thinking about deploying a new one, check out the links to the examples on this page and contact us if you are interested in exploring the possibility of deploying digital signs powered by Four Winds Interactive in your area.