LANDesk Upgrades/Patching Services

ITS is now using the LANDesk Upgrades/Patches Services to further protect our computers against viruses infections that are coming through applications rather than system software for both Windoes and Mac OS.

It will take several weeks to complete an upgrade or patch for all departments on campus because time does not allow for all computers to be upgraded or patched in one evening, and because some computers may be off the network when the patch is being applied. These upgrades/patches will occur on Monday and Wednesday evenings after midnight.

Additional Important Information:
  • As much as possible, in order to insure timely backups and critical patching, University computers should be left on the network on weekday evenings. Please log off your computer, but do not shut down.
  • Most software upgrades/patches will require a reboot of your computer, so when you come in the next morning the PC will look as though it had been restarted.
  • The third Tuesday of each month will continue to be reserved for Windows critical updates.
  • A list of all patches performed by date can be found on the following web page: Summary of LANDesk Upgrades/Patches Applied.
  • If you have questions, please call the ITS Help desk at 710-HELP/4357.

This capability is very important to keeping our network and computing environment as secure as possible. Your participation will be appreciated. If you have a compelling reason to block these upgrades/patches, you can make a special request by submitting the opt-out form.

Updated August 1, 2014