BearAware Awareness Campaigns


Recognizing that the most common, yet severe, forms of information security breaches begin with a simple "click" we deemed ourselves "clickaholics" and sent our entire campus to "Clickaholics Anonymous" in celebration of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The art is a style parody of Alcoholics Anonymous and we even came up with our own 12 steps to being more cybersecure.

Clickaholics Anonymous 24" x 36" Posters (PDF)
Clickaholics Anonymous 11" x 17" Posters (PDF)
12 Steps Flyer (PDF)


Having explored pop culture icons from the 1950s and 1980s, we decided to turn to testmonials for our 2009 campaign. We talked with several people in the Baylor community who had been impacted directly by cybercrime. Two students and one staff member volunteered to share their story with the Baylor community in order to raise awareness about cybersecurity threats and prevent the same thing that happened to them from happening to others.


Sticking with the theme of cultural revival, for the 2008 BearAware campaign we played on several stock 1980s comic book characters to raise awareness about cybersecurity threats. We used one poster per week of the month to represent the theme treated in our events throughout the month. The campaign was very effective from a visual standpoint, resulting in several poster thefts and many comments from people in the Baylor community.


For our first BearAware Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we borrowed a visual campaign used previously by another institution. The B-Movie Horror film posters characterized different cyber-threats while playing on actual title of motion pictures. Because of the changing nature of cybersecurity, we created one new poster and added it to the collection we borrowed.