Wireless Networking

This page gives detailed information about connecting to Baylor's wireless networks. The primary university WiFi network is AIRBEAR WPA2.

AIRBEAR WPA2 is not intended for Office Use. Although faculty and staff may experience some wireless signal in their office, this is based on the proximity to a classroom or common area. ITS requests that all employees use the wired connections while in their offices to ensure better reliability, security and backups.

This network is available for wireless access for visitors and requires a department sponsor and an account for login.

Laptop Setup Instructions
These pages contain information on how to setup a wireless internet connection on a laptop.

Mobile Device Setup Instructions
Instructions for connecting your mobile device to our wireless network.

Contact Info/Support
This page lists contact information for help with the wireless network.

Coverage Information
This page contains information concerning AIRBEAR WPA2 availability.

Updated October 15, 2014