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ITS Outages

Blackboard Temporary Outage
Blackboard is currently experiencing a temporary outage. The system is unable to add information including files, grades, interactive content, etc.

Email Outage - 04/13/2011
ITS experienced an outage in the student email system Tuesday evening.

Internet Connections and Server Maintenance
Hardware and software upgrades will be performed on the ITS datacenter firewalls on Thursday evening, July 8, between 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 pm.

Banner Outage 12/15/09
Today (Tuesday, Dec. 15) at 7:15 pm, Banner will be down for approximately 15 minutes.

Campus Telephone Outage 11/30/09
During the night Sunday, 11/29, a power supply in the university's central telephone switch main CPU cabinet failed, leaving the campus without phone service.

Core Router Outage 6/16/09
Tuesday evening, June 16, there were some issues with the core router that resulted in the router rebooting itself once around 5:30pm and rebooting again multiple times between 11:15pm and midnight.

Multiple Systems Outage 06/18/09
On Thursday evening, June 18, various on-line services (see list below) will be down beginning at 6:30 p.m. for approximately 1 hour.

Network Outage 06/18/09
Hardware repairs on needed to be done our core campus router as soon as possible. This maintenance will be performed on Thursday June 18, 2009 between 7:30pm - 9:30pm.

Outage of some web services 6/15/09
At 6:30 pm on June 15, 2009 a portion of Baylor's web services stopped responding. This would have affected most applications beginning with "www1" in the link.

Printing Outage 06/02/09
Around 3:30 PM Tuesday, 6/02/09, ITS was notified that some clients were experiencing printer issues. The cause was determined to be a corruption of the HP Universal printer

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