Palm Treo 755P (Sprint Users Only)

THIS FIX IS FOR 755p devices using SPRINT only. Although this fix is provided by Sprint it is not a supported fix. Any issues caused by the fix remain the responsibility of the end-user.

  1. Call the HelpDesk at ext. 4357 to have your name added to the permissions list. You will not be able to proceed without doing this.
  2. From your Treo, browse to
  3. Enter your BearID and password.
  4. Press OK
  5. You will receive a warning stating the file is not from SprintPCS. It will ask if you want to continue. Select "Yes" to download the file.
  6. Next, select "save to device"
  7. Press "Save and open."
  8. When asked click on Accept VM40_Installer_B103.prc int into applications. You may have to do this twice.
  9. You should be returned to your home screne. There you will find a new icon named "Install Email." Select it.
  10. You will see an "Update Now" icon in the center of the screen, select it.
  11. A licensing agreement will be displayed. Accept the licensing agreement if you agree to its terms.
  12. The application will begin to load. During this process you may receive an error saying a library is not loaded. Allow the library to load and the installation should complete.
  13. Confirm that all settings conform to the settings documented on the ITS Mobile Device Migration Instructions.
  14. Synchronize your device.