SPSS: assist in the analytical process - planning, data collection, data access, data management & preparation, analysis, reporting, & deployment - through its easy to use intuitive interface. The SPSS System Viewer is an application for viewing and printing the files generated by the SPSS System.

SPSS Advanced Models: Move beyond basic analysis to analyze complex relationships using powerful multivariate techniques.

SPSS Regression Models: More accurately predict behavior or events when you go beyond the assumptions of ordinary linear regression techniques.

SPSS Tables: Effectively summarize and communicate even the most complicated results in a presentation-ready tabular format when using a highly intuitive "drag-and-drop" interface.

AMOS: Easily perform structural equation modeling (SEM) to support your research and theories by extending standard multivariate analysis methods. Build attitudinal and behavioral models that more realistically reflect complex relationships, because any numeric variable, whether observed or latent, can be used to predict any other numeric variable.

(Descriptions from www.spss.com)

Special Dependencies Note on installing SPSS on Windows machines: Follow the installation instructions on the Appcenter or on the license.txt file for the home software install.
Eligibility Faculty/Staff and Students
Where is it available?

Faculty/Staff: Windows users: AppCenter (Software Installer)
Mac users: Connect to Server, in the Server Address field type - smb://sts01.baylor.edu/SoftwareDepot/SPSS/

Students can download a copy of SPSS for use on their personal computer here





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