Description Complete mathematical software for uses ranging from complex calculations to computational programming. From simple calculator operations to large-scale programming and interactive-document preparation, Mathematica is the tool of choice at the frontiers of scientific research, in engineering analysis and modeling, in technical education from high school to graduate school, and wherever quantitative methods are used.
When installing Mathematica, you will be brought to a screen about licensing. You will need to select Network License. You will then need to enter the name of the server running the Mathematica license manager. Enter:
Eligibility Faculty/Staff and Students
Where is it available? Faculty/Staff:
Windows users AppCenter (Software Installer)
Mac users OS X Software Server
Faculty and Staff can install Mathematica on a personal computer. Apply for a Home-Use License here: Our license number is L2437-5422.

Mathematica is available on most public computers on campus, including computers in Moody Library. In addition, students can install Mathematica on their personal computer.

  1. Create a Wolfram ID using your Baylor email address.
  2. After creating your Wolfram ID, use this link to request an activation key and download link for Mathematica.


Windows/Mac OS X


Level C - Other A Heat ticket will be recorded at the Help Desk and moved to the second-tier response team where no promise of support is given. Software at this level is made available on an as-is basis, including any on-line documentation that may be available.