Servers and Networks Staff

A complete list of the Servers and Networks staff can be found below. Simply click on an individual's name to send them an e-mail.

Name Title
Bob Hartland Associate Vice President for IT Infrastructure
Network Services
Scott Day Director of Network Services
David Klein Network Group-Edge Team Analyst
Mark Roessler Network Administrator
Adrian Burns Network Administrator I
Daniel Cate Telecommunications Technician II
Jeff Wilson Network Administrator II
Eric Smith Communications Technician
Cliff Ray Network Analyst/Programmer
Drew McCormick Telecommunications Engineer
Telecommunication Operations
Stacey Benningfield Director of Telecommunications Operations
Jon York Senior Telecommunications Engineer
Austin Brewer Telecom Technician Telephone
Vacant Coordinator of Telephone Services
Sharon Carpenter Lead Telephone Operator
Penny Ott Telephone Operator
Melissa Underwood Telephone Services Assistant
Server Operations
Tommy Roberson Director of Server Operations
Darren Jones Senior Systems Engineer
Stuart Madsen Senior Systems Engineer
Chad Talbert Senior Systems Engineer
Ray Nazzario Senior Analyst/Programmer
Kenneth Sullivan Technology Support Specialist II
Stephen_Sumrall Analyst/Programmer
Michael Hand Data Center Manager
Eric Wilsher Systems Engineer
Physical Security
Bill Lechner Director of IT Infrastructure and Security Liason
Keegan Rogers Assistant Director of Physical Security
Bill Raines Systems Administrator
Stuart Rose ID System Administrator

Updated April 4, 2017