Palm/Pocket PC

Each handheld comes with its own software that needs to be installed. In order to sync with your Outlook profile, Palm handhelds require the use of PocketMirror standard. Most devices come with this software on the CD that is provided in the box. iPaq's use ActiveSync to sync with Outlook and should come with your device.

Procedures for Set-Up

Once you purchase the device of your choice contact the helpdesk (4357) and ask them to enter a HEAT ticket for a new Palm set up. You will then be contacted by an ITS support technician to set up an appointment. The device will come with a CD and a pamphlet that gives you step-by-step instructions for setting it up yourself. Should you decide to go this route, just follow the pamphlet. If at any time during the installation you run into any problems, call the helpdesk and ask for further assistance.


One of the most notable problems that you might encounter with your device is that it will not sync with your computer. Click on your device type below for syncing tips:


Pocket PC