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E-mail Addressing

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Before you can send someone e-mail, you must know their e-mail address. Most e-mail addresses are specified in a format that identifies the individual and their location. The most widely used format looks like:


The username identifies the person's mail account name. The domain specifies where that account resides. The extension specifies type, such as edu, .gov, .mil, etc. For users at Baylor, the e-mail address is:

e.g. or (casing is never relevant in e-mail addresses)

E-mail arriving at Baylor addressed this way is automatically routed to the mail system that handles the addressee's e-mail. When you give your Baylor e-mail address to someone, use the above format.

For e-mail going to other locations, please verify the other person's e-mail address BEFORE attempting to send them e-mail. Each company or site uses its own addressing scheme, and the e-mail address scheme used at Baylor probably will not match the pattern in use for other email addresses.

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Last modified: February 24, 2014