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E-mail Outlook Web access
Link to your Outlook account over the web when you're at home or on a business trip.

Email Documentation
Set-up instructions and other email documentation

Mobile Device Email Setup
How to configure your mobile device for email.

Managing Junk/Spam Email
Information on handling junk/spam email.

Public Folder/Email Account Request Form
Use this form to request the creation of a public folder.

About Public Folders
Learn more about using public folders. Instructions on permissions, requesting a public folder, creating a shortcut to a folder, creating a post and replying to a message in a mail enabled public folder.

Visit our seminar page to enroll yourself in an Outlook seminar or any other seminars offered by ITS.

E-mail List Application Form - Faculty/Staff
An Electronic Mail List that supports discussions through electronic means may be provided for University related professional organizations, student organizations and classes.

BearMail Information
Information for former students who continue to use the Baylor email system.