Windows System Automatic Update Services

ITS is now using Windows System Update Services (SUS) to automatically keep your Windows system up-to-date with the critical updates. The latest updates and fixes available from Microsoft protect your computer and keep it running smoothly. It is important to keep the system up-to-date to protect your computer from known security vulnerabilities, which means that your computer could have a higher risk of being attacked by a worm or virus through the network if updates are not current.

Windows SUS will automatically scan your computer system for any critical updates needed on your computer. If updates are necessary, the updates will automatically be made available to your computer overnight. It will be necessary to leave your computer on so that it will be updated. You should either log off or lock your system when you leave for the day. For details about the most recent system updates, click here. It is highly recommended that you allow this service to run on your computer; however, you do have a choice to opt-out of this service (see link below).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need Windows System Automatic Update Services?

Using Windows SUS means that the latest critical fixes from Microsoft and any known vulnerabilities will be secured. When a computer is not properly updated, there is a higher risk that malicious users and hackers can severely disrupt the computer's functionality and possibly compromise the security of the Baylor network.

How does SUS work?

Everyday System Update Services scans all networked computers and checks it against a list of available critical updates. If your system needs an update, SUS will tag it to be updated overnight. As long as your computer is left on, your system will be updated. You will notice that your computer has been restarted when you return the next morning. If your computer is turned off (or disconnected from the network, such as a laptop), updates will be installed as soon as the system is turned on (or reconnected); and your computer will need to be restarted after the update is completed.

Are the updates tested by ITS before they are installed on your computer?

Yes, thorough testing is performed before any updates get released on SUS.

Are all updates installed on my computer using Windows System Update Services (SUS)?

No, only the critical updates are automatically made available with SUS. Service Packs, hardware drivers, software updates, and other miscellaneous updates that are not labeled as critical are not being automatically updated.

How do I install Service Packs and other updates?

These updates should be downloaded from the Microsoft Windows Update website. For more information on how to run Windows update from your computer, see Windows Update.

How do I Opt-out?

It is highly recommended that you allow this service to run on your computer; however, for information on how to opt-out of the SUS service, click here.

Do Macintosh clients need to opt-out?

No, WSUS only applies to Windows computers. However, Macs may be patched (and rebooted) by LANDESK updates. For available updates for the Macintosh platform, check the following places: Mac OS X - Software Updates under the Apple Menu.

Reviewed August 1, 2014