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Computer Backup

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All Baylor client computers contain mission-critical data representing many invested hours of time. Should a file be accidentally deleted or become corrupted, a saved copy of that file could be recovered if backups are done on a regular basis. All hard drives are mechanical devices having both electronic and moving parts, and as such have a limited life span.

Even though hard drives are becoming more reliable as technology advances, eventually all drives will fail. The ITS Hardware Services group may be able to recover your files, but depending on the type of damage, the contents of the drive may not be salvageable. However, Baylor provides regular backup services through software administered within ITS.

Backup Guidelines
Please click here to review the ITS Backup Guidelines for other detailed information regarding this service.

Check Backup Application
ITS provides regularly scheduled backups of all faculty/staff computers. The computer must be on and connected to the Baylor network when the backup is scheduled. Since many users have laptops and may miss the scheduled backup, the Check Backup application was created to allow you to perform your own backup as needed. If you just finished a major project, you also might want to initiate a backup immediately. It can also be used to check the date of your last successful backup and assist you with restoring a deleted file.

For instructions on how to use the Check Backup Application, click here.

To install the Check Backup application for Windows OS, go to the ITS AppCenter web page. For Mac Users, go to the OS X Software Server.

Opting Out
Backups must be performed on all Baylor-owned faculty/staff computers. The ITS backup service is optional. Clients can decline the ITS backup services by submitting the Opt Out form. You will receive a confirmation from ITS when your backup has been removed.

Alternatives if you Opt Out
If you opt out of the backup system, you are responsible for maintaining a current backup of your files. We recommend purchasing a separate drive for this purpose. Baylor University sensitive information should not be stored using cloud services. Click here for more information regarding cloud storage. Please contact the Help Desk at 710-4357 for further assistance.

Windows OS comes with a backup utility. The location of the Windows Backup Utility is: Start / Programs / Accessories / System Tools / Backup. Note: ITS does not support this software.

For additional information on the supported backup software at Baylor, please click on the following links:

Check Backup FAQs

File Restoration using Check Backup Application

Reviewed February 28, 2014