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Profiles by Category

Throughout each academic year, IRT profiles various groups of students, faculty, and staff. These profiles may be standard (such as the student profiles produced each fall) or specialized (such as profiles of non-returning students, used to identify risk factors for retention at the university).

Below are the profiles sorted by category.

Profiles of BIC Students

Profiles of First-Time Freshmen

Profiles of First-Time Freshman Line Camp Attendees

Profiles of First-Time Freshmen from Home Schools

Profiles of Full-Time Faculty

Profiles of Full-Time Staff

Profiles of Graduate Students

Profiles of Law Students

Profiles of Library Faculty

Profiles of New Graduate Students

Profiles of Non-Enrolling Accepted Students

Profiles of Non-Returning Provisional Admit Students

Profiles of Non-Returning Sophomores

Profiles of Non-Returning Undergraduates using National Student Clearinghouse Data

Profiles of Non-Returning Undergraduate Students

Profiles of Part-Time Faculty

Profiles of Part-Time Staff

Profiles of Seminary Students

Profiles of Social Work Graduate Students

Profiles of Undergraduate Students

Profiles of Undergraduate Students Indicating an Interest in Vocational Christian Ministry

Profiles of Undergraduate Transfers

Profiles of Welcome Week Attendees