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ACT Residual

Test-Retest Restrictions

Residual testing is available on the Baylor campus for students who (1) are enrolled, (2) have been admitted, or (3) are in the process of applying to Baylor University. If a student tested previously via residual testing, the retest should be taken on a national test date. If this is not possible, a minimum of 60 days must elapse between the first and second residual tests. If the 60-day time limit is violated the retest scores will be canceled automatically. No refund will be made for such canceled retests.

Testing Dates

Please contact our office at 800-BAYLOR-U (option 1-4) or 254-710-2061 to discuss available testing dates (ask for Charlotte or Jana).

Students with Physical or Learning Disabilities

Extended-time testing is available to students with documented physical or learning disabilities. Please contact our office to discuss the documentation needed and to set up a date for the extended-time exam. The extended-time exam will begin at 8:30a and continue into the mid-afternoon (with a 1 hour break for lunch).

General Information

Score reports will only be sent to the student and the Office of Admission Services at Baylor University. Official score reports will not be generated by ACT, and no additional score reports will be generated to report scores to any other college. A Baylor University score report will be sent to the student within 10 days from testing. Students should report to Suite 540, Clifton Robinson Tower for testing. Please note that visitor parking in front of the Clifton Robinson Tower is limited to 2 hours. Please drive to the back of the building and park on top of the parking garage.

*Important note* -- Students will not be allowed to mark in the testing booklet. Scratch paper will be provided, but no markings are allowed in the testing booklet.

Test Fee

The cost of the residual testing is $70. After you have secured a testing date with our office, you may pay online using a credit card (debit cards are not accepted). You may also pay by check or cash in our office on the test date. Please make checks payable to Baylor University.