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Campus Living & Learning Instructions for Students

Sept. 11, 2008

Campus Living & Learning sent the following communication on Sept. 11 to all students who live in university residence communities.

In preparation for the arrival of Hurricane Ike, Campus Living & Learning would like to provide you with some information about how to best protect yourself in the days to come:

  1. Check your email regularly. The university will be communicating with you about schedule and event changes through your Baylor email account. Also, please refer to the university's webpage for information.
  2. At this time, the university is NOT requiring residents to evacuate campus. With the evacuation of Houston, traffic heading north will be significant. Because of this fact, the university is encouraging on-campus residents to stay in their residential communities. Unless you are confident that you can arrive at your destination in a timely manner, please plan on staying in your residence hall.
  3. Please be alert to emergency sirens and the PA systems in your community. Directions will be provided through a number of different mediums. As always, please respond in a timely manner to requests from university administrators.
  4. As a reminder, in the event of high winds or tornadic activity, we recommend that you gather in the interior hallways on the first and second floors away from windows and doors and bathrooms and showers on the first and second floors. If you are told to gather in a specific area of your community, please bring blankets and comforters to protect you from possible debris.
  5. Students contemplating leaving campus are advised that highways will likely be congested because of evacuations throughout the southern portion of the state. If you elect to travel Friday or over the weekend, please take extra precautions.
  6. The Penland Residential Restaurant is scheduled to be open for normal business this weekend. Again, refer to the Baylor Webpage for more information.
  7. Elevators in all of our residence halls will be turned off on Friday night to prevent any issues with people being trapped in elevators if the power goes down.
  8. Most on-campus events, including the Rock the Vote concert scheduled for Friday night, have been cancelled.

If you have any general questions about the university's response, please visit There will be updates posted to this page regularly.