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Baylor University Medical Ethics Seminar

2015 Seminar
The 2015 Seminar will be held on Friday, September 11. Click here for more information on the 2015 Seminar.

Institute for Faith and Learning

Division of Constituent Engagement, Baylor University

McLennan County Medical Society

The Medical Humanities Program at Baylor University

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The Baylor University Medical Ethics Seminar aims to provide a forum for health care professionals to reflect together about the ways in which their shared Christian faith might inform their practice of medicine.

The inaugural seminar was held in October 2014 at Baylor's McLane Stadium. Responding to an expressed desire on the part of local physicians for a chance to think together about pressing issues in the practice of medicine, the banquet brought together local physicians, hospital administrators, nurses, chaplains and other health care professionals. Our goal is to establish the seminar as an annual event for physicians and others to consider the ways in which shared Christian faith might speak to significant questions of our day.

Past Seminar

2014 "Faith in the Practice of Medicine: Why Religion Matters for the Decisions Physicians Face"

Other Medical Ethics Events

Medical Ethics Conference 2010 Dignity and Bioethics
A feature presensation during the 2010 Baylor Symposium on Faith and Culture: Human Dignity and the Future of Health Care.