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Medical Ethics

Medical Ethics Conference

Baylor University Medical Ethics Banquet

The first annual Baylor University Medical Ethics Banquet will be held Friday, October 10, 2014 in the Baylor Club at McLane Stadium. Click here for details about the speakers and registration.

Baylor University Medical Ethics Conference

In 2001, Baylor University received a $2 million grant from the Lilly Endowment Inc. for Baylor Horizons, an initiative aimed at fostering a deeper theological understanding of vocation as God's summons to a life of service. The grant contained funds for a conference on the urgently pressing questions of medical and health care ethics faced by physicians, nurses, and health care administrators. For those who pursue their work in response to a sense of genuine calling, such questions easily constitute a central concern of the vocation of health care.

The Baylor University Medical Ethics Conference thus constituted a forum for practicing health care professionals who seek to pursue their vocation ethically, faithfully, and knowledgeably, and it featured nationally prominent experts in medical and health care ethics with credentials in law, medicine, philosophy, and theology. Each year's program accommodated a high level of interaction between participants and ethics specialists, with much of the program devoted to interactive plenary panel discussions along with participant breakout sessions facilitated by ethics experts.

The Institute for Faith and Learning hosted the first Baylor Medical Ethics Conference. Three more conferences in this series were hosted annually from 2007-2009.