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2005 Faculty Retreat

On May 16-20 at Laity Lodge, IFL hosted Vocation, Liberal Learning and the Professions, a retreat for Baylor faculty funded as a part of a $2 million grant from the Lilly Endowment and with the further support of the Howard E. Butt Foundation. The retreat enrolled 31 faculty members, including a strong contingent from the Louise Herrington School of Nursing. David Solomon, Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture delivered two lectures, "Liberal Education: Liberation From What and For Whom" and "Autonomy and Medicine: Life After Liberation." Susan M. Felch, Professor of English at Calvin College delivered two lectures as well, "How the Christian Narrative Shapes Scholarship and Teaching?" and "Doubt and the Landscape of Delight: In Quest of Christian Liberal Learning." And Karren Kowalski, a national expert in the fields of acute and perinatal care, parental bereavement, and nursing leadership, spoke on "Calling and Leadership: The Importance of Character," and "The Practice of Storytelling: Understanding our Calling through Narrative."