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2003 Faculty Retreat

Two faculty retreats on Vocation, Liberal Learning, and the Professions were held concurrently at Laity Lodge, May 19-23, 2003. The combined retreats served 43 faculty, including twenty-two faculty from the School of Education. Dorothy C. Bass, Director of the Valparaiso Project on the Education and Formation of People in Faith offered presentations on "Vocation, Christian Practices, and Faculty Formation" and "Vocation, Christian Practices, and Student Formation." C. Stephen Evans, University Professor of Philosophy and Humanities at Baylor University gave talks on "Knowing Your Divinely Given Name: Recapturing the Concept of Vocation," "Christian Calling and Cultural Engagement: Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling," and "How Can the Christian Narrative Shape Scholarship and Teaching?" Mark R. Schwehn, Dean of Christ College and Professor of Humanities at Valparaiso University spoke regarding "Vocation, Liberal Learning and the Christian University," "Christian Liberal Learning: An Application to a Literary Text or Movie," and "Vocation, Liberal Learning, and the Professions." Michael Beaty, vice provost for faculty development and professor of philosophy at Baylor, conducted a concluding panel discussion, and Todd Lake, dean for University Ministries at Baylor, led daily worship services.