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Friendship: Quests for Character, Community, and Truth | Inaugural Baylor Symposium on Faith and Culture

Thursday, October 25-Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pictures from the Conference

Special thanks go to Stanley Watkins for his service as photographer for this event.

Friendship Conference -- Students

Rebecca Gottstein, Scotty Ellis, and volunteers from Student Foundation await the arrival of conference attendees.

Friendship Conference -- Henry et al

Douglas Henry, Robert Roberts, Thomas Hibbs, and Robert Baird at the opening session of the conference.

Friendship Conference -- Discussion

Mitchell Muncy (Spence Publishing) asks a question following presentations by Robert Roberts and Thomas Hibbs.

Friendship Conference -- Putnam

Robert Putnam (Harvard) gives his presentation on "Faith, Friendship, and the Changing Role of Religion in American Civic Life."

Friendship Conference -- Books

Participants browse book displays and converse in the foyer of the Bill Daniels Student Center.

Friendship Conference -- Sherman et al

Nancy Sherman (Georgetown), Robert Kruschwitz (Baylor), and Mary Nichols (Baylor) before session on "Classical Friendship."

Friendship Conference -- Conversation

Brian Braman (Boston College) and Don Thorsen (Azusa Pacific) have a conversation before a concurrent session.

Friendship Conference -- Wadell et al

Paul Wadell (St. Norbert), Charles Pinches (Scranton), Liz Carmichael (Oxford) and Darin Davis (Baylor) before their panel about "Friendship with God."

Friendship Conference -- Banquet

John von Heyking (Lethbridge) and Sheryl Overmyer (Duke) at the banquet dinner.

Friendship Conference -- Griffiths

Paul Griffiths (Illinois--Chicago) reads paper on "Befriending the Religious Other: Why Love Is Easier Than Friendship."

Friendship Conference -- Bresler et al

Concurrent session speakers Kimberly Bresler (St. Joseph's) and Christi Hemati (Baylor) listening to paper by William Mathie (Brock).

Friendship Conference -- White

Carolinne White (Oxford) speaks during a session on "The Distinctives of Christian Friendship."

Friendship Conference -- Evans

Steve Evans (Baylor) offers his reflections on Christian friendship.

Friendship Conference -- Vickie Schulz

The ever helpful Vickie Schulz rests for a moment from her labors.

Friendship Conference -- Jacobs et al

Alan Jacobs (Wheaton), Dominic Manganiello (Ottawa), and David Jeffrey (Baylor) discuss "Friendship in Literature" at the concluding session.