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Programs for Students

Crane Scholars Program

The Institute for Faith and Learning sponsors the Crane Scholars Program, which is an intensive program for Baylor undergraduates that encourages and supports gifted students who are interested in connections between faith, learning, and vocation. In particular, the program identifies and mentors students who are considering graduate school and careers in academic life; thus, the program aims to help cultivate the next generation of Christian scholars and teachers.

Conyers Graduate Scholars Program

The Conyers Graduate Scholars Program—co-sponsored by the Institute for Faith and Learning and the Graduate School—invites a small cohort of current graduate students in the humanities to reflect upon the intersection of knowledge, learning, and Christian faith as they begin their journey as members of the academy. Above all, the Conyers Graduate Scholars are encouraged to explore what it means to understand their work as scholars in their various disciplines as a form of Christian service or a vocatio, a religious vocation.

Baylor Symposium on Faith and Culture

In addition to the Crane Scholars Program, students are encouraged to attend the Baylor Symposium on Faith and Culture. This annual conference seeks to address a significant person, problem, text, or question, and to do so in a way that constructively appropriates Christian faith and intellect in relation to the selected topic. From time to time, other occasional conferences are hosted by the Institute and also are open to students.

Guest Lectures

Finally, the Institute is pleased to host guest speakers at Baylor. Many of these lectures are open to students, so be sure to look for these opportunities.