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Faith and Film
The 2015 Baylor Symposium on Faith Culture will explore The Spirit of Sports.

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As part of its contribution to Baylor University and the larger academic community, the Institute for Faith and Learning plans and directs a variety of conferences. Though oriented toward different audiences, these conferences feature Christian intellectual life as relevant to significant questions in academe and the wider culture.

Baylor Symposium on Faith and Culture

The Baylor Symposium on Faith and Culture seeks to address any significant person, problem, text, or question, and to do so in a way that constructively appropriates Christian faith and intellect in relation to the selected topic.

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Past Conference Series

Over the years, IFL has been honored to support several other major conference series, including: the Pruit Memorial Symposium, an endowed series bringing the perspectives of Christian intellectual traditions to bear on issues of enduring, contemporary, and interdisciplinary concern; Art & Soul, a conference series in the arts and humanities that explored the intersection of religion and the arts through performance, exhibition, informal dialogues, and scholarly inquiry; and the Baylor University Medical Ethics Conference, which provided a forum for health care professionals and ethicists seeking to fulfill their vocation knowledgeably, faithfully, and morally.

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Other Occasional Conferences

The Institute also has hosted a number of conferences affiliated with the Lilly Fellows Program in Humanities and the Arts, including two regional undergraduate conferences and two national research conferences. Finally, the Institute occasionally sponsors or provides administrative support for other conferences that do not fall within an ongoing series.

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