Apply to the HRC

Because admission to the HRC is very competitive, we encourage you to apply early.

Incoming Baylor Student Application Process

  • To be considered for membership in the HRC, you must be admitted to one or more of the Honors College programs/majors. We nonetheless encourage you to apply to the HRC simultaneously. Your application for membership in the HRC will be processed pending your admission to an Honors College program.

    HRC Application Checklist

    1. Apply to Baylor.

    2. Submit your deposit, once accepted.

    3. Apply to an Honors College program/major and fill out the LLP Joint Application (see "How to Apply" below)

    Decision Process

    Below is the timeline for the HRC application rounds:

    Application Deadline

    Admission Notification

    Student Confirmation

    Round 1

    January 12 (Monday)

    January 20 (Tuesday)

    January 26 (Monday)

    Round 2

    February 9 (Monday)

    February 16 (Monday)

    February 23 (Monday)

    Round 3

    March 16 (Monday)

    March 23 (Monday)

    March 30 (Monday)

    Round 4

    April 13 (Monday)

    April 20 (Monday)

    April 27 (Monday)

    Round 5

    May 4 (Monday)

    May 11 (Monday)

    May 18 (Monday)

    *After Round 5 deadline, applications for Living-Learning Programs will be processed as received.

    Students must have applied on or before each of the stated Student Application Deadline dates in order to be considered. If interested in more than one LLP, it is best to apply for them all at once. In doing so, all LLPs will notify students their application status at the same time (LLP Admission Notification date). Students must Accept or Decline each offer received by the Student Confirmation Deadline date, or the offer will be void.

    To accept or decline any offer(s) received, go to into the LLP Application system found in GoBaylor under the Housing Application. Log back into the application system using your Bear_ID and password, click on the My Applications tab at the top of the application system, and accept or decline the offer. If you have applied to more than one program, please note that only one offer can be accepted, and once selected, the student’s status in other programs will be designated as "declined."

    How To Apply:

    1) Go to the Housing Application tab in GoBaylor.
    2) Complete the general Housing Application for first year halls
    3) Sign the Housing Contract
    4) You will now have access to the Living Learning Programs (LLP) Application. You may now apply to the Honors Residential College as well as any other LLP.
    ** If you accept an offer to live in the HRC or another LLP, your general housing application will be cancelled.

    Specific room and roommate assignments will not be announced until June.

    Important Note: Because incoming Baylor students must be admitted into one of the four Honors College programs to be eligible to reside in the Honors Residential College, our HRC placement committee will process only the applications of those incoming students who have already been admitted into at least one such program. Those who apply for HRC residence without having already been admitted into an Honors College program will simply have their HRC application forms held as pending until such acceptance (i.e., into the BIC, or into the Honors Program, etc.) can be verified.