Residence Hall Director

Chris Kirk

Chris Kirk


Residence Hall Director, Honors Residential College

M.A., Higher Education & Student Development, Taylor University, Indiana
B.A., Philosophy, Taylor University, Indiana



What do you love most about serving in the HRC?

I really enjoy the living life with such quality students, staff and faculty. I consider myself very fortunate to live in a community devoted to holistic learning and formation. Part of my role is leading the Community Leaders, which I thoroughly enjoy. We always have such fantastic students who end up as CLs in the HRC and I love spending time with them. I also think we have a lot of quality staff and faculty who work and partner with the HRC and who all make huge sacrifices to make the HRC what it is.


What does Christian community mean to you?

I think it's all about being transformed daily into the image of God through living life with each other. This transformation happens as we submit ourselves to Christ and to each other. I also think it's about hospitality. We need to provide a welcoming space for everyone to experience Christ's redemptive love.


What is your role as the Residence Hall Director?

I serve as the Campus Living & Learning live-in staff member, which means that I live and work in the HRC. My apartment is in Memorial where I live with my wife, Jena, and my dog, Gordo, and my office is in Alexander. I directly supervise the 8 Community Leaders who live and work on each of the HRC’s floors and I also collaborate with and work with regularly the Resident Chaplain, Luke Stehr, the Faculty Steward, Dr. Jonathan Tran,  and the Program Director, Courtney DePalma.


Tell us about life outside the HRC.

I really enjoy spending time with my wife, my dog, and our friends. We listen to music, read, watch movies. I love staying active by cycling and running. I am also very involved at my church here in Waco.