Residence Hall Director

Elijah Tanner

Elijah Tanner

Residence Hall Director, Honors Residential College

B.A., University Scholars, concentrations in Philosophy and Chinese, Baylor University


What is your favorite HRC tradition?

I love every tradition in the HRC! From Coffee Hour and Chapel to Formation Series Lectures and Humans v. Zombies. But without a doubt, the one that never ceases to amaze is the tradition that students embody of loving God through their love for learning.


The role as the Residence Hall Director

The Residence Hall Director serves as the Campus Living & Learning live-in staff member, which means that he lives and works in the HRC. He directly supervises the 8 Community Leaders who live and work on each of the HRC’s floors, and he also collaborates with and works regularly with the Resident Chaplain, Kaleb Loomis, the Faculty Steward, Dr. Jonathan Tran,  and the Program Director, Courtney DePalma.