College Council

The Honors Residential College Council is an association of student leaders who seek to maximize the HRC experience by creating a sense of tradition, identity, and value within our community. If you are interested in serving on any of the college committees, please contact Chris Kirk.

The College Council is composed of four committees as well as student members of the board of trustees. Other student leaders serve on each of the committees and help to coordinate events and functions.

  • The Hospitality Committee strives to foster a spirit of attentive friendship in the HRC by working closely with the Program Coordinator to welcome prospective, returning, and new members of the community. Among its responsibilities are assisting with recruitment events for high school students, such as Invitation to Excellence, and making welcome gifts for residents returning from studying abroad. This committee seeks to encourage and support community members, new and current, through times of decision and adjustment.

    Committee Chairs: Sarah Lunsford and William Stover

  • The Social Committee The Social Committee, working closely with the Residence Hall Director, seeks to provide events for the residents of the HRC solely for having fun and enjoying each others company. We aim to host at least one activity per month for residents just to have a good time. Our most notable events are the Halloween Party, Christmas Party, Game Day, and Spring Semi-Formal, while other fun things are scattered throughout the year as well.

    Committee Chairs: Shannon Sandridge and Alex Angle

  • The Spiritual Growth & Service Committee works closely with the resident chaplain to foster spiritual well-being and the exploration of faith and religious beliefs within our community, and to provide the members of the college with opportunities to serve the communities within and outside of the Honors Residential College. Our goal is to help shape our community into one that lives life together in all of its aspects, to make our residence hall not simply a place to live, but a membership in which to flourish as a fellowship of Christians who are also scholars.

    Committee Chairs: Clara Binder and Matt Wilborn

  • The Academic Committee promotes learning among members of the college. This committee works with the faculty master to capitalize on the learning potential provided by visitors to the college. The committee also helps coordinate the HRC lecture series and oversees the production of other academic projects.

    Committee Chairs: Haley Morrison and Jeff Wang