Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment for 2015 begins November 1st and ends November 30th

What’s new for 2015?
How do I participate in an FSA or HSA for 2015?
How do I enroll/change my medical plan?
How do I enroll/change my dental plan?
How do I enroll in a supplemental plan?

Open enrollment is the annual opportunity for faculty and staff to make benefit elections for the upcoming calendar year. Elections made during open enrollment will become effective on January 1, 2015.

2015 Medical and Dental Premiums

Reasons to Review Your Benefit Choices for 2015
  • There are NEW benefit choices to consider!
  • FSA participation for PPO members requires annual enrollment.
  • HSA participation for HDHP members requires annual enrollment.
  • Enrollment in or cancellation of the following plans may occur only during open enrollment.
Intensive Care
Recovery Plus
Accident Insurance Products
  • Individuals that previously rejected or dropped insurance coverage may enroll during:
    • the annual open enrollment period, or
    • within 30 days of a qualifying life event

What's New for 2015?

HDHP + HSA Enhancements
  • 100% of Baylor’s HSA contributions will be made in January 2015 - helps protect exposure to early year out-of-pocket costs!
    • individual coverage - $500
    • family coverage - $1,000
  • FREE generic preventive prescriptions for HDHP members - this means more potential dollars saved for the HSA for members with maintenance prescriptions!
  • 2015 HDHP premiums did not increase. Result: a more noticeable (lower than PPO plan) cost difference for more dollars that could be contributed to the HSA by the member!
Click here to learn more about the HDHP + HSA.

Dental Plans
  • New: MetLife PDP Plus Dental Plan - View this great value to stretch dental costs here.
  • Baylor Direct Reimbursement Dental Plan
    • The first $200 of dental expenses are covered by the plan. (Up from $150.)
    • "Individual only" coverage premium is now $3 per month.

How do I submit my enrollment form(s)?
Mail to: or Fax to: or Scan/email to:
Human Resources
One Bear Place #97053
Waco, TX 76798-7053

or Electronically Submit: or Drop off at:
Only for forms that permit
for electronic signature
and submission
Robinson Tower,
Suite 200



Note: If the employee and/or spouse are enrolled in the HDHP + HSA medical plan, they may not be enrolled in an unreimbursed medical FSA and/or a spouse's unreimbursed medical FSA.

Health Savings Account - FOR HDHP MEMBERS - REQUIRES ANNUAL ENROLLMENT (for voluntary contributions only)

Note: Unreimbursed medical FSAs must be closed before contributions can be established for an HSA.

BCBS Medical Plans (with CVS/caremark Prescription Drug Plan)

To add, switch, or cancel the group medical plan, or to add or cancel dependent coverage, complete the 2015 Benefits Enrollment Application/Change Form.

  • Life Insurance beneficiary would not be added to this form.
  • Complete all other sections as applicable.
  • Adding medical coverage will add a payroll deduction.
  • Adding a dependent(s) may increase the current payroll deduction.

View the Employee Medical Plan Premiums.

Dental Plans

To enroll/change or cancel your dental plan, complete the 2015 Benefits Enrollment Application/Change Form.

Supplemental Insurances

To cancel Supplemental Insurance plans, complete the Cancellation of Supplemental Insurance Form.

To add Supplemental Insurance plans: Forms are forwarded to Human Resources and are subject to Dearborn National's underwriting department's approval. Enrollment in the supplemental term life benefit can also be requested during the calendar year.
Forms are forwarded to Human Resources and are subject to UNUM's underwriting department's approval. Enrollment in the UNUM Long Term Care benefit can also be requested during the calendar year.