Weight Watchers

The Fall 2015 session begins Tuesday, August 4, 2015 at 12:00pm, in Pat Neff, room 300. Join by week 10 of the 17 sessions and receive FREE e-tools!!

Weight Watchers has a new Simple Start program and, with at least 20 participants, Baylor is once again an "at-work" site! Consider the following:
  1. Weight Watchers' new Simple Start program, that you may have seen advertised, is a 17-week series. The Simple Start program is seeing pretty amazing success with Baylor participants.
  2. The cost for the program is $186 for all 17 weeks and provides access to all the online apps and tools. You can pay this in two ways:
    1. Baylor will pay the upfront cost and you will reimburse Baylor through payroll deductions over three months, or
    2. You may pay with a credit card.
  3. Meeting times are at noon on Tuesdays in Pat Neff, room 300.
  4. After completion of the 17 week program and having attended 80% of the weekly meetings, members receive a $40 wellness incentive.
If you are interested, please email Debi Talley.

The incentive offer continues with your participation on Campus. Or, find another local community meeting by logging in to www.weightwatchers.com, go to 'Find a Meeting,' and enter your zip code - or simply click here. We hope you've experienced positive results with Weight Watchers and we want you to continue to reach your weight-loss goals and to learn a healthier lifestyle. If you are not interested in continuing by attending local meetings, please cancel by calling Weight Watchers customer service at 1-866-204-2885.

The PointsPlus Plan has historically proven itself to be the 'plan that works' - and has done so for many Baylor faculty and staff. During the six years that Weight Watchers has been on campus, an average of 28 members have lost an average of 30+ pounds each - with many having even greater success.

Faculty and Staff are free to join at any time. Members purchase a "monthly pass," attend weekly meetings, and have free access to Weight Watchers' e-tools. E-tools help members to track their success, get great tips on everything from meal planning to eating out, plus recipes galore. The Weight Watchers Center located in Brazos Place Center on Waco Drive allows members to stop in at their convenience to purchase Weight Watchers products or sit in on a meeting as needed. After completion of 4 months with Weight Watchers, and having attended 80% of weekly meetings, members will receive a $40 wellness incentive (paid in four monthly installments). This brings the cost of the series down to about $1 per day.

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