Introducing the HR Center for Learning & Leadership

We are excited to announce that the learning and professional development for Baylor faculty and staff is now administered by Human Resources. Professional & Organizational Development (POD), managed by Ashley Thornton and Elaine Harknett in Institutional Effectiveness, provided training opportunities and personal development for Baylor faculty and staff for thirteen years. They served the Baylor community by making Baylor a better place to work and a place where people can do better work. Learning and development has transitioned to HR and is managed by Amy Williamson, Director of Talent Management, and Tami Nutt, Manager of Learning and Development.

The new format will allow HR to serve Baylor faculty and staff in all areas of their work: from the hiring process, to compensation and benefits, to learning and development throughout their career at Baylor, with interactive services such as the askHR Customer Service Center and the HR Client Relationship Managers. By integrating learning and development into Human Resources, programming and services can be coordinated with overall employee needs to further support the University’s strategic goals or customized to particular situations identified through the Client Relationship Managers, specifically in furtherance of HR’s goal to build on Baylor’s culture of strong managers.

The HR Center for Learning & Leadership has already begun researching resources and developing programs that reflect current industry trends in professional development and leadership. New courses will be introduced throughout the year, while some previously-offered courses will be undergoing redesign. If you discover a development need without a corresponding course available, please contact your HR Client Relationship Manager at (254) 710-2000 who can help you find solutions through individual coaching, off-campus workshops, in-house resources, or customized development.