Seminar Creation & Scheduling
Seminars for employee learning and development are designed by departments, on-campus content experts, and the HR Center for Learning & Leadership. If you are interested in developing a new course for employee learning, you may complete the Course Creation Form or contact askHR at (254) 710-2000.

The Course Creation Form is used to create and schedule new and established professional development courses. The form will provide the information required to enter the course into the registration system and minimize the time between submission of the course information and posting to the system.

Please complete the Course Creation Form. Below are some helpful instructions and descriptions of the information to provide on the form.


New Course
If you are interested in offering a new development course, select this box and complete the remainder of the form. A representative from the HRCLL will contact you to discuss the content and arrangements further.

Established Course
If you are offering a course that has been held in the past, please select the Established Course box.
•Title - If you are submitting an established course, please use the same title as previous classes. If you would like to update the title of an established course, enter the original title, followed by "NEW:" and the new title.
•Description - If you would like to use the previously-used description of the course, then you may enter "Same as previous." If you would like to update the description of the class, please type "NEW:" and enter the complete updated description.

Please provide the name of the person(s) or department sponsoring or facilitating the class, separated by a comma. The contents of this field will be displayed on the course listing online.

Provide the name and email address of those who serve as the point of contact for the class, as well as those who wish to receive the roster should be listed. This list is for internal use only and will not be posted online.

Type of Audience
Please indicate the audience for the course, such as All Employees, Administrative Assistants, Faculty, Chairs, Supervisors, etc.

Invite Only/Do Not Display
If you wish to restrict registration of the class only to those whom you send an invitation or if you wish to not display the course in the Browse Seminars listing, then select this box. Otherwise, the course will appear in the Browse Seminars listing and all employees will have access to registration.

Please provide three possible dates and times for the course. Your preferences will be given priority in the order in which they are listed.

Preferred Location
You may list the location you prefer to hold the course. If you have already made room reservations, please indicate this following the location. RT 200 is the designated Training Room and we can provide increased service in this location per the Location Chart to the right.

Class Capacity
The class capacity is the number of participants allowed to register for the course. This may be affected by the number of seats available in the location. For example, RT 200 can accommodate up to 20 participants.

Room Setup
Please designate how you would like to tables and chairs arranged in the room. If you hold the class in RT 200, we may pre-arrange the room. If you hold the class in a different location, then we will investigate if the room may be pre-arranged for you.

If your course utilizes handouts, please indicate if you will be preparing and bringing these with you to the class or if you would like HRCLL to assist in preparing these.

Materials needed
Please note which A/V and presentation materials you will need as part of your course. Refer to the Location Chart for more information. If you would like to utilize a video from the professional development library or a specific supply, please note these on the form as well.

If you plan to offer lunch as an option for your course, please complete all areas of this section.
Check the box if lunch will be available.

Response Deadline
Note the date you need the reservation number for catering purposes. At that point, the course will remain available for registration, but the lunch option will no longer be available.

Please note the cost of choosing the lunch. If the lunch will be provided at no cost, then enter "0.00" or "No charge" in this box.

Please provide a description of the food that will be served. Be sure to include if a drink is included.

Location Chart

  RT 200 Other Locations
Nametags  X Class Kit 
Markers   X Class Kit 
Pens   X Class Kit 
Paper   X Class Kit 
 X Class Kit 

Flip charts

 X Available
for pickup
 X Available
in some
 X Available
in some
Snacks  X  
Drinks   X  
Coffee   X  

for Other Locations: 

Include room arrangements and A/V needs in course creation form & HRCLL may make arrangements.   
  A class kit may be picked up at HR for use during class and should be returned within a week.