Added Taxes for Athletic Tickets

Any added taxes will be withheld from the paycheck upon processing your receipt of the benefit and will be reported on the W-2. While there are added taxes, the savings is significant compared to other Big 12 university policies. Baylor is the only Big 12 institution that provides greater than a 20% discount for the purchase of season tickets.

  • Season Tickets: Your purchase of season football tickets could approximately add $7 to $26 of taxes (per an approximate range depending upon your percentage of taxation).

  • Parking Pass: Your parking pass could generate an additional $2 to $8 in excess taxes.

Tax Implications for Sold Out Games

The University and Athletic Department are pleased to provide complimentary game day tickets, for most sports, to Baylor faculty and staff, their spouses and dependents. This employee benefit has no value or tax implications when tickets remain for sale to the general public.

However, the complimentary tickets provided to an employee and family members for a game that sells out are considered a taxable benefit under IRS regulations. These complimentary tickets are viewed as having value since the tickets could have been sold to the public.

For sold-out games only , 80% of the total value of the complimentary tickets received by faculty and staff members will be reported as a taxable benefit. IRS regulations allow an employee to receive a 20% discount without it being taxed (i.e. on a $15 ticket, the taxable benefit would be $12). This benefit will be separately identified on the faculty and staff members paycheck and the appropriate tax amount withheld. If the games are NOT sold out, there is no taxable benefit to the employee.

Baylor faculty and staff members will be required to swipe their ID card to receive a complimentary ticket. The number of additional complimentary family tickets received will be manually entered into the ID system. The value of each ticket will be the dollar amount printed on the ticket. Faculty and staff will be able to pick up their tickets by swiping their ID cards starting 90 minutes prior to tip-off on game day at the main Ferrell Center box office.

Additional Information

See Baylor University Policy & Procedure for Admission to Campus Events & Certain University Facilities for additional information.