Seminars serve as the formal learning solution by which HRCLL provides education and training to Baylor’s employees. Management classes focus on leadership skills and procedural knowledge so supervisors can manage effectively and legally. All employees can benefit from our general development courses which address topics such as communication, processes, and personal improvement, as well as classes taught by other departments.

Training & Development System
The listing of and registration for seminars is completed through the online training & development system. To access this system, you will need your BearID and password.

Seminar Registration Instructions & Policies
Instructions for registering or withdrawing from a seminar, as well as the cancellation policy, are provided through this link.

Training & Development Planner - December 2014 / January 2015
Each month, a list of upcoming seminars is posted. For courses offered later in the semester, visit the training & development system.

Seminar Creation & Scheduling
Seminars for employee learning and development are designed by departments, on-campus content experts, and the HR Center for Learning & Leadership. If you are interested in developing a new course for employee learning or scheduling an existing course, please follow this link for instructions.