HRCLL Online

HR Center for Learning & Leadership Online delivers training to your desktop.

We understand that getting away from your desk may be difficult at times. Perhaps you need to know how to complete a particular form "right now" or need a refresher on a certain procedure. Also, some topics do not require interaction as much as they entail information dissemination. In an effort to address all these issues, HRCLL offers computer-based training.

Computer-based training allows you to review the information at your own pace and take a short test to verify completion utilizing the Blackboard Learning Management System. Periodically, completion records will be reviewed and credit posted in the registration system.

To access online training:

  1. Log into the Blackboard system at the following website: .
  2. Sign in using your Bear ID user name (firstname_lastname) and password.
  3. Once you have signed in to Blackboard, follow these steps to begin the training program:
    • Click on the Courses tab. The Courses tab is near the top right of the screen.
    • Click on HR Center for Learning & Leadership in the Course Catalog box which is on the right side of the screen. (Hint: You may have to scroll to the end of the list of courses.)
    • Locate the course for which you want to register and click on the arrowed, drop-down box next to it. Choose Enroll.
    • Click on Submit.
    • Click OK (located on the bottom right corner). This will open the course page.

Note: If at any point you see a security "pop-up" while logging in to this lesson, it is OK to accept it and continue.

To complete an online course, simply follow the instructions presented on the Blackboard course page. You must complete the assessment (quiz, test, etc.) and receive the required score to receive credit for the class. Profesional development credit for these classes is recorded on a monthly basis and will show on your My Development page of the Training & Development system . If you need proof of credit prior to its posting to the system, please contact askHR at (254)710-2000 or email

Current Online Trainings

Sexual Harassment: Preventive Measures

HRCLL Online is accessible by employees with faculty and staff designations only.

If others need access to one of the classes, please contact askHR at (254) 710-2000 or for review and enrollment.