Faculty and Staff Fitness Programs


Check out the exciting summer program options for faculty and staff to be active and be rewarded for it! Summer Session 1

OSO Fit Opportunities
  • Baylor OSO Fit - Join the SUMMER OSO Fit for $30 which includes over 30 Group X classes, Circuit Weights training, Pre and Post Fitness assessments, OSO Fit t-shirt, weekly fit tips, and more. Upon completing the Pre & Post Fitness Assessments, you become eligible for a $40 wellness award! Become "OSO Fit" and earn $10 for your effort!
  • My OSO Fit - for $20 you may get your own personal exercise regimen approved which may also include BearStand activity. Workout on your own at least twice/week and receive an OSO Fit t-shirt! Upon completing the Pre & Post Fitness Assessments and maintaining a monthly activity calendar tracking your activity, you become eligible for a $40 wellness award. Make $20 per season by becoming "OSO Fit!" Here are some ways to do My OSO Fit activity:
    • BearStand: You may increase your activity by joining the standing revolution. Apply 8 hours of standing per week toward your "My OSO Fit" program to meet one of your required days of physical activity!
    • TRX TRAINING PROGRAM (new): Cost - $20 (separate cost) for 5 weeks at the SLC Indoor Track. TRX is fun resistance training program using the TRX suspension equipment. First session will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from June 2nd to July 2nd. Intermediate session will be offered from 4:15-5:15 p.m., followed by a Beginning session from 5:30-6:30 p.m. Check out these pictures of TRX training. Maximum limit of 16 participants per class. Sign up today at the SLC front desk.

How to participate:
Sign up at the SLC front desk. Van Davis, Assistant Director Campus Recreation and Fitness, or designee will certify participant completion of the fitness programs. Upon registration, members will receive an email notification of the dates and times for the pre- and post-assessments.

Incentive eligibility:
  • All full and part time faculty and staff.
  • Participation in Baylor's medical insurance plan is not required.
  • The offering is limited to one wellness award per participant per season session or series.
  • The wellness award is an additional pay to your paycheck and per the IRS must be treated as taxable income.
  • Concurrent participation in Naturally Slim or Weight Watchers is encouraged; however, only one program incentive can apply.

Baylor is pleased to support Baylor sponsored faculty/staff fitness programs. An incentive is offered to Baylor faculty and staff participants to provide additional encouragement and reward for sustained health improvement activity. In fact, you can keep your personal health improvement program active year around by completing three of these programs per year and qualify for an annual total of $120 in wellness awards!

Contact information
Baylor OSO Fit Program - Van Davis, 710-6631
General Information - Human Resources, 710-2000

Baylor Oso Fit

"We've loved the Baylor OSO Fit program this semester. My husband and I have participated in Faculty/Staff only Zumba, Bearathon Training, and Circuit Weight Training this semester and have really enjoyed it. We appreciate that Baylor gives us this opportunity to get healthy and have fun!"

- Lori and Robert Evers