Core Competencies for Employees

Commit to Baylor’s mission and vision

  • Support Baylor’s mission
  • Work within your role to help accomplish the mission and vision
  • Keep informed about issues affecting higher education and how they affect Baylor’s mission and vision
  • See the big picture of how your work fits into Baylor’s mission and vision, and into your department’s goals

Pursue excellence in your work

  • Continuously work to hone your technical/functional skills
  • Continuously work to improve processes in your department
  • Take personal responsibility for your work
  • Attend to important details
  • Drive for results
  • Practice good judgment and good decision making
  • Take pride in doing things right, rather than “just getting it done”
  • Be action oriented and energetic about your work
  • Persevere

Serve others willingly and well

  • Take extra steps when necessary to provide better service
  • Listen to the people you serve; seek ways to serve them better; think of ways to make their lives easier
  • Be empathetic, friendly and tactful to those you serve
  • Learn to serve even difficult people graciously
  • Use good service techniques, such as good telephone skills
  • Establish good relationships with the people you serve
  • Work to overcome barriers to good service in your area

Be a good steward of time, resources, and your own energy

  • Practice good organization skills and good time management
  • Prioritize
  • Use goal setting and planning to help you focus your efforts
  • Be responsible with Baylor’s money; follow Baylor’s financial policies
  • Maintain a balance between work and the rest of your life

Seek learning

  • Welcome and apply feedback
  • Seek development opportunities
  • Take on new challenges
  • Learn to deal with change productively

Build good work relationships and contribute to a collegial work environment

  • Be honest and ethical
  • Be trustworthy; work to build trust
  • Work to communicate well both interpersonally and in writing
  • Listen
  • Approach work and others with a positive attitude
  • Identify and acknowledge your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Accept and appreciate differences in others
  • Cooperate; think win-win
  • Be caring and considerate
  • Respect your co-workers
  • Be approachable, pleasant, and gracious
  • Be composed and patient
  • Express disagreements assertively and tactfully
  • Work to resolve problems productively

*Note the bullet points under each general expectations are meant to be examples, not exhaustive lists, of behaviors that might be included within that general expectation.