Staff Performance Appraisal & Planning

Evaluation of employees’ work is a key component of performance management. While informal evaluation and conversations occur throughout the year through planning and developing employees’ work, all staff members participate in the annual Staff Performance Appraisal & Planning Process. The Performance Appraisal & Planning Process will take place in BaylorCompass, Baylor’s Career Management Resource System. For more details on how to complete the steps below, please refer to the following guide:

Performance Appraisal Steps


Employes who began work prior to April 30 will participate in the appraisal & planning process and be eligible for merit recommendations.

Employees recently hired will focus on the planning pieces of the process.

Employees hired/transferred after April 30 are not eligble for the merit process and not required to complete the appraisal & planning process. If these employees or their managers would like them to particiapte in the appraisal process, please contact the HR Consultant.


The annual process takes place in the spring with a review of the past year - June of last year to May of this year - and plans for the upcoming year.

Process Dates
    Mid-March - Process opens in BaylorCompass

    June 15 - All performance appraisals due, complete with all sign-off

    Summer - Merit compensation process (informed by Performance Appraisal Process)

Suggested Timeline - The following timeframe is recommended for those areas without internal timelines. Some departments set internal timelines, so please be sure to check with your manager.


    • Employees complete Performance Appraisal form in BaylorCompass - Recommended by April 15


    • Managers complete Performance Appraisal form in BaylorCompass, review by Second-Level Managers and possible up-line reviews - Recommended by May 15
    • Performance conversations take place


    • Employees Sign-off on form in BaylorCompass
    • Managers sign-off on form in BaylorCompass

Tools for Planning & Preparation

Related Baylor University Personnel Policies:

Staff Performance Appraisal and Planning - BU-PP 804

Note for Managers: Should an employee’s work or conduct not meet expectations and initial coaching efforts prove unsuccessful in soliciting improvement, the manager should contact their HR Client Relationship Manager to develop a plan for corrective action. More information can be found on the Corrective Action page.

The Annual Performance Appraisal & Planning Process is to be completed and signed off in BaylorCompass by
June 15, 2016.

Departments may have internal timelines, so please check with your manager.

Performance Management Resources

For tips and guides on writing performance appraisals, having performance discussions, or using BaylorCompass: