Staff Performance Evaluation and Planning

Baylor University reviews staff performance on an annual basis through the Staff Performance Evaluation and Planning process. The evaluation is designed to provide feedback on the prior year's performance and is the basis for the employee's merit pay increase. The performance document also includes a planning component to facilitate goal-setting and development strategies for the upcoming year.

The Staff Performance Evaluation and Planning process should take place

  • Upon an employee’s completion of the initial 180 days of employment
  • Annually during Baylor’s review process and is due to Human Resources in June.
Instructions for Staff Performance Evaluation and Planning

NOTE: The Performance Evaluation & Planning Document has been updated to align the performance indicators with the definitions, provide clarification of process, and improve formatting. Please use the updated form from this point forward for 180-day and annual evaluations (some exceptions apply; check with your supervisor). The sample forms have been updated, as well, so they may serve as a reference in completing the document. Additional guidance will be provided through workshops and support materials made available this spring.

Staff Performance Evaluation and Planning Document - UPDATED 12/01/2013

Staff Performance Evaluation and Planning Tools

Performance Management Workshops & Writing Labs

Workshops and Supervisor Supplements will be held to assist employees in the annual performance management process. Click HERE for dates and registration.

If you would like these workshops offered to your department, please contact HR at (254) 710-2000.

Writing Labs - no registration required

  • Want help preparing your Performance Evaluation & Planning Document? Or preparing the supervisor response within your employee's evaluation?
  • Need some guidance on SMART goals, sharing concerns, communicating ideas?
  • Would some time away from the office help to focus on writing?

Bring your own/your employee's document and join an HR Client Relationship Manager for a Performance Evaluation Writing Lab:

March 14 12:30-2:00pm ITS 102
March 28 12:30-2:00pm CRT 200
April 11 12:30-2:00pm CRT 200
April 25 12:30-2:00pm ITS 102
May 14 12:30-2:00pm CRT 200


The Annual Performance Evaluation and Planning Documents are due to Human Resources by June 13, 2014.

Performance Management Workshops & Writing Labs

Dates and Registration