Service Awards

Each February, Baylor continues its tradition of honoring the service of faculty and staff with an annual service awards event. 2015 brought a new event, with a luncheon hosted by the offices of the President and Chancellor and Human Resources. Institutional Events planned the event, where recipients were invited to enjoy a meal with colleagues, and the opportunity to snap pictures at a 'photo booth' with props and a background that included Pat Neff Hall.

Service awards represent the recipient's years of loyal service and contributions to the life of the University. Awards are given in 5-year increments, beginning with year 5. (The annual event honors service through the preceding calendar year.) Following the ceremony, each recipient receives a catalog from which they may select a gift, including the traditional 'Baylor pin', or other items.

In February 2015, nine people received their 40-year recognition: Betty R. Crook, James A. Curry, William Dube, Paulette Edwards, Jerry W. Johnson, Berry Klingman, Kathryn M. Mueller, Tom Potts and Raymond Read. Three people received 45-year recognition: Tommye Lou Davis, Thomas M. Kelly and Jerry M. Milner.

Cheryl Gochis, Associate Vice President for Human Resources, emceed the program portion of the event, with assistance from Richard Amos, Director of Compensation and Benefits. Baylor University President and Chancellor, Ken Starr, Craig Moehnke, Director of Science Facilities, and Steve Gardner, Professor, Director of McBride Center for International Business and Herman Brown Chair of Economics, each made remarks regarding their area's 45-year recipient.

The annual ceremony was established in April 1972. Prior to that time, the University had held service awards ceremonies on an irregular basis. A 1957 program was the first to honor a 50-year-pin recipient, Mrs. Lily M. Russell. Since then, Baylor has recognized four other 50-year-pin recipients: Dr. Rufus Spain, Dr. Roger Kirk, Dr. Bob Patterson and Coach Clyde Hart. In 2013, Baylor recognized our first 55-year recipient, Dr. Rufus Spain. Dr. Roger Kirk was recognized for 55 years of service in 2014.

2015 Ceremony Complete List of Recipients