New Staff Information

WOW 2014

Welcome to the Baylor family!

We are excited about your new role at the university and look forward to working with you. At Baylor, you will find a world class faculty and staff dedicated to teaching and research, championship athletic programs, outstanding student involvement and a diverse community with a strong commitment to faith. As a staff member, you will find a supportive work environment dedicated to excellence and service. The people of the university make Baylor special, and you now have the opportunity to contribute to and receive the benefit of that effort.

This part of the website will assist in preparing you for W.O.W. (Workplace Orientation and Welcome), our new staff orientation, and in acclimating you to your new role at Baylor. We have provided links to employment paperwork for you to review, complete, and bring with you to the orientation. Benefit information is also presented so you may begin researching and understanding the options available to you prior to making decisions within the first few days of employment. In addition, some links are provided to give you an understanding of the customs, traditions and the overall environment at Baylor.

It is important that you review the information available on this site to be sure that you are fully prepared for your first day of orientation. We look forward to your joining us!

Sic 'em Bears!