Baylor University values a workplace that is productive and enjoyable for staff and faculty as we work to achieve our strategic initiatives. Human Resources aspires to create an encouraging environment for employees which promotes the discussion of ideas and concerns in a professional manner. To achieve this goal, Client Relationship Managers work collaboratively with employees and departments to identify and utilize resources such as providing Avenues to Raise Concerns, accessing Employee Assistance Programs, and working within Employment Laws. Client Relationship Managers also provide consultative services in Performance Management and conflict resolution.

Client Relationship Managers
Client Relationship Managers (CRMs) are assigned to specific areas of the University. They partner with managers, individuals and departments to anticipate and identify areas for organizational and individual growth, and to develop solutions based on the group's input and needs. They recognize operational facets of the departments they support, such as strategic objectives, financial matters and personnel issues, in order to deliver the most effective solutions possible.

Partnership with a CRM can be a catalyst for helping a department or individual foster new perceptions, reframe or redefine a problem, or plan for the future. An individual may call a CRM to consult on many topics including communicating effectively, managing performance, developing expectations, establishing action plans, reviewing work flow, discussing coworker concerns, planning for reorganizations, planning successions, evaluating work conditions, training and development, etc. The most basic consulting is a brief, informal conversation. The more sophisticated consultation involves a comprehensive approach and can take several months for completion.

CRMs relate all conversations and advice to Baylor's core competencies, policies, mission and vision and departmental goals. They take a positive, problem-solving approach and offer sound advice to promote a professional work environment.