The Panels

Guest Panels

The following panels were held with select guests of the festival.

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Directors: The Impact of Horton Foote's Work on the American Theatre

Participants: Gregory Boyd, Marion Castleberry, Curt Dempster, Peter Masterson, Jack Sbarbori, Michael Wilson, and Harris Yulin (Dr. Stan Denman, moderator)

The State of Horton Foote Scholarship, Past, Present, and Future

Participants: Marian Burkhart, Dr. Crystal Bryan, Mel Gussow, Dr. Dixon McDowell, Dr. Laurin Porter, Dr. Tim Wright, and Dr. Gerald C. Wood (Dr. Marion Castleberry, Moderator)

Actors and Their Roles in the Works of Horton Foote

Participants: Jamie Bennett, Hallie Foote, Annalee Jefferies, Carlin Glynn, Estelle Parsons, Cameron Watson, Margot White, and Harris Yulin (Steven Pounders, moderator)