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Scholarships - Current Students

Buckner-Honors College International Missions Scholarship

Application Deadline: February 10

Buckner International partners with the Honors College in providing national and international service and academic opportunities for Honors College students. There are 143 million orphans in the world today. Will you serve them this summer?

This merit-based scholarship assists current Honors College students in assisting those in need. Support. Defend. Uphold. Go! It�s your mission. More information...

Honors College General Need- and Merit-Based Scholarships

Because the applicant's need level is taken into consideration in the disbursement of scholarship awards, you must submit the FAFSA to be considered for the awards.

Honors College Travel Stipend Scholarship

The Travel Stipend Scholarship is awarded to support current Honors College student scholarship by means of funding for participation in professional conferences. More information...

Study Abroad Scholarship Opportunities

Honors College Study-Abroad Scholarship

Honors College students routinely study abroad, exploring in situ a number of great texts, traditions, and ideas, experiencing holistic education under the tutelage of Baylor professors, and enjoying the camaraderie of outstanding peers. The Honors College sets aside scholarship resources to help defray the expense especially of summer study abroad programs. Applications are reviewed on the basis of need and merit, with a high premium placed upon the applicant�s case that studying abroad significantly advances his/her academic purposes.

NOTE: This scholarship is not generally awarded for fall- or spring-semester study abroad programs. Priority is granted to summer study-abroad programs.

Allison Family Foundation Scholarship

Beyond scholarships offered by the Honors College for study abroad programs, current students also should consider the Allison Family Foundation Scholarship. Priority is given to French and Spanish majors/minors participating in Baylor in Denia, Baylor in Madrid, and Baylor in Paris. For more information about the Allison Family Foundation Scholarship, please contact Mrs. Julie Wright in Modern Foreign Languages.

Glennis McCrary Goodrich Scholarship Award for International Research

This award is designed to advance international undergraduate research at Baylor University and is available to current undergraduate students who establish a need to pursue research outside of the United States for the purpose of advancing or completing for-credit academic work. Because this scholarship is need-based, you must submit the FAFSA to be considered for the award.

To apply, click here.