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Renaissance Scholars


The Honors College seeks to assist high school juniors with their college search. As with seniors, we encourage you to visit campus, meet with an Honors College representative, sit in on a class, and tour the Honors Residential College.

But we also offer a bit more, juniors. More than a campus visit, how about spending the week with us as an actual Baylor student? Sound too good to be true? Nearly 100 juniors already have taken advantage of this unique opportunity by participating in Renaissance Scholars.

The program, designed specifically for high school juniors and hosted by the Honors College, allows students to spend a week on campus as a Baylor student taking courses, residing on campus, getting to know faculty, and meeting juniors just like yourself from across the U.S.

About the Program:

Today, scientists and medical doctors face unprecedented challenges and pressing ethical questions concerning the distribution of healthcare, cloning, care for the disabled, abortion and euthanasia, to list a few. In Renaissance Scholars, we aim to help you consider these questions through an encounter with great philosophers and theologians. During an intensive week of study, you will participate in three courses that will expand your horizons and allow you to explore your role in the future of medicine and the sciences.

About the Courses:

1. Philosophy, Science, and Religion: Through readings and small-group discussions, join in the great conversation with scientist-philosophers, as they wonder about the intelligibility of the natural world, the role of human knowledge and power in that world, and about the connections between science and religion.

2. Medical Ethics: Explore from a Christian perspective what it means to think about medicine, the calling of a doctor, the doctor-patient relationship, and the goal of scientific research.

3. Latin Medical Terminology: Gain familiarity with medical terminology through the study of Latin roots that shape the study of healthcare.

4. Pathophysiology: After a presentation about human physiology, the students will be guided through the thought process of how knowledge of physiology can be utilized to determine the diagnosis and treatment of a patient.

As part of the Renaissance Scholars week, you also will have the opportunity to:

1. Participate in co-curricular conversations about pressing questions concerning death, suffering, the opportunities and limits of technology, and the meaning of human life as found in recent films such as The Dark Knight, The Book of Eli, and the Harry Potter series.

2. Hear presentations from the directors of the Pre-Health Program at Baylor and from faculty and current students about pre-medical opportunities at Baylor, including research, medical mission trips, and for study abroad programs designed for pre-med students.

3. Learn how you can compete for special scholarships specifically for Honors College students.

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