Honors College Travel Stipend

The Travel Stipend Scholarship is awarded to support current Honors College student scholarship by means of funding for participation in professional conferences.

Application Deadlines:
Noon October 15 (for travel completed in the fall semester)
Noon February 1 (for travel completed in the spring semester)
Noon May 1 (for travel completed during the summer)

If you need a response on the status of your application in advance of these deadlines, proceed with submitting your application, and it will be processed accordingly.

The Travel Stipend is awarded to support Honors College student scholarship by means of funding for participation in professional conferences.

Basic requirements for stipend eligibility:
All current students in the Honors College may apply for travel funding; however, priority will be given to those who are presenting a paper at a conference and whose paper already has been accepted. The application process is also open to Honors College students who believe they will benefit significantly from attending a conference related to their intended field of study, especially for research contributing to work on a senior thesis. In cases where the merit of multiple proposals is deemed equal, preference will be given to students residing in the Honors Residential College.

Application packet must include:
• The Travel Stipend Request: detailing purpose and length of travel, as well as how attendance and, where relevant, the presentation of a paper at a conference will contribute to the student's academic development (Five hundred words maximum)
• Proof of paper acceptance by the conference (if applicable)
• One letter of recommendation (one page maximum) submitted by e-mail to Mr. Ryan Reed
• Copy of Baylor University transcript
• Brief budget overview (see example and template in above box) detailing estimated cost of airplane ticket, lodging, registration

[Note: The University travel policy requires that everyone be good stewards of Baylor funds, avoiding all unnecessary expenses. Stipend recipients will be required to submit flight itineraries indicating amount paid for airfare, boarding passes, proof of paid registration, conference program and original receipts for all other claimed expenses (e.g., lodging) upon return.]

Application Submission Process:
• E-mail Mr. Ryan Reed to set up an appointment to submit your application package by the corresponding deadline listed above.

Review Process:
• Upon receiving the completed application package, Ms. Sabina Solouki will forward the application to the appropriate office of the Honors College program/major in which the applicant is enrolled for consideration.
• The office of the respective Honors College program/major will process the application and forward it to the Honors College Dean's Office.
• Most stipends will not exceed $250 per program.

Notification Process:
• Notifications will be sent one week after the application deadline.

Reimbursement Process:
• Student must present a summary of the benefits of attending the conference.
• Student must submit documentation of the arrival and departure times.
• Reimbursement is based upon approved paid receipts.
• Reimbursement will be made after travel is completed, all receipts have been received, and the expense report has been signed by the student and the Dean of the Honors College.
• All receipts (for airfare, lodging, and registration) and expense reports must be submitted within 15 calendar days of the final date of conference.
• Unused funds are non-transferrable.