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Study Abroad

For several years now, Honors College students have benefited profoundly from study abroad excursions -- where the classroom takes to the road -- visiting sites most people only read about in literature.

To learn more about study abroad opportunities -- where you can go, what you can study, and how to apply -- review Baylor's Study Abroad Programs.

Student Reflections on Recent Study Abroad Trips

Baylor in Oxford - by Brock Scheller
(Major: University Scholars & Great Texts; Honors Program)

I read, learned, and saw so very much during the five-week Baylor in Oxford program last summer, studying Arthurian myth with Dr. Sarah-Jane Murray and British philosophy with Dr. Scott Moore. Both courses were rich and meaningful, and each one treated its subject matter at a deep level and brought out the thoughts through discussion. This trip is at once very much Baylor – you go with your friends and favorite professors. It is also very much Oxford. We lived at Christ Church, one of the university's largest colleges, and for a month we soaked up the special intellectual climate of the university that gave the world so many great thinkers.

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