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Find the Right Fit: Is Baylor's Honors College for You?

Students, Mixed

  1. Do you have trouble choosing a major or figuring out what you would like to study, not because you have too few interests, but because you have too many? Would you like to study, in one class, the works of poets, philosophers, theologians and scientists? Are you interested in the ways different disciplines complement one another?
  2. Are you motivated to become involved with faculty and other students in intensive discussions of important works and fundamental questions? Are you eager to pursue these discussions beyond the classroom?
  3. Are you interested in understanding how we arrived where we are today--culturally, intellectually, politically? Would you like to encounter Socrates, Augustine, Einstein, Cezanne, Virginia Woolf, Heisenberg, and W.E.B DuBois not just as voices from the past, but as living partners in conversation, whose works have implications for how we live and think today?
  4. Do you want to develop habits of intellectual judgment and reflection, a refined moral imagination, a capacity to analyze complex data and arguments, and an ability to express yourself--in both oral and written forms--with clarity, rigor, and eloquence?
  5. Do you want to pursue a course of study that will undoubtedly be an excellent preparation for graduate study or professional school after Baylor? A course of study that will also provide the foundation for a life-time of learning and intellectual exploration? A course of study that will provide you with memories, friendships, and the experience of the joy of learning that will last throughout your life?

If any of these apply to you, then we are the place for you to pursue your education!