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Member Benefits: What You Can Discover in the Honors College

Among the many riches students will discover in the Baylor Honors College are the following:

  • Living-Learning Residence Life

    Take advantage of on-campus housing opportunities designed for Honors College students in order to strike a balance between social life and serious intellectual pursuits. (Click here for more details.)
  • Interdisciplinary Learning

    Take courses that bridge a number of departments and integrate the sciences and the humanities.
  • Primary Texts

    Wrestle with the greatest books from the greatest minds, rather than from textbooks or commentaries.
  • Team Teaching

    Enter into, and learn from, conversations between faculty.
  • Seminar Classes

    Rather than passive note-taking, participate actively in the exposition, analysis, and criticism of texts, arguments, and experiments.
  • Independent Research

    Engage in independent research with guidance and encouragement from our nationally recognized faculty.
  • Extracurricular Intellectual Pursuits

    Attend lectures and join book or film discussion groups specifically designed for Honors College students.
  • Scholarship/Fellowship Opportunities

    Pursue, with the aid of academic advisors, a range of scholarship and fellowship opportunities for post-undergraduate study.