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Conservatives of a Fashion
Conservatives of a Fashion
University Scholar and Honors Program senior Oliver Ha reflects on conservatism and how the Intercollegiate Studies Institute has impacted him and others in his generation across college campuses throughout the United States.

The Extremes of the New Sensibility
Book review by Alan Jacobs, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Humanities in Baylor’s Honors Program, of George Cotkin’s “Feast of Excess,” about dramatic events in the lives of such individuals as Bob Dylan, Gore Vidal, Hunter S. Thompson and Erica Jong. Jacobs says it is unclear whether the author has a significantly new interpretation of “the New Sensibility,” a pluralistic way of looking at the world.
Baylor Philanthropy Lab Students Present $50,335 in Grants to Local Nonprofits
Honors College students in Baylor University’s “Philanthropy and the Public Good” class spent the fall semester cultivating their philanthropic spirit, which culminated with the presentation of $50,335 in grants to seven nonprofit organizations. The course is taught by Dr. Andy Hogue in the Honors Program, who is also the director of the Philanthropy & Public Service Program. Honors College students include Elayne Allen, Tim Campbell, Oliver Ha, and Luke Ungarino.