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Honors College celebrates accomplishments of Travel Stipend recipients
Honors College celebrates accomplishments of Travel Stipend recipients
The Travel Stipend is awarded to support outstanding Honors College undergraduates in attending professional conferences. In most cases, funding is reserved for those students presenting papers at conferences.

Here's a look at the recipients of the travel stipend during the 2016-2017 school year and the various conferences and experiences that resulted.

Famous Viking Warrior Was a Woman, DNA Reveals
Davide Zori, Ph.D., assistant professor of archaeology in the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core of the Honors College, is quoted in this National Geographic story about new DNA analyses of bones of a wealthy Viking warrior buried more than 1,000 years ago that revealed a surprise: the grave belonged to a woman. Previously, archaeologists thought the grave, filled with swords, arrowheads and two sacrificed horses, was that of “kind of the ‘ideal’ Viking male warrior grave,” said Zori, who was not involved with the research. The new study “goes to the heart of archaeological interpretation: that we’ve always mapped on our idea of what gender roles were,” he said.
The Rescue Entrepreneurs Fielding Thousands of Harvey Distress Calls
Baylor alumni Matthew Marchetti and Nate Larson, B.A. (University Scholar)’12, created an online platform to help streamline the rescue process from flooding in Houston by aggregating calls for help and connect those calls to boats in the water. Houston Harvey Rescue combined a website, map and dispatcher for at least 7,500 calls for help over the course of the next few days. The fast-developing initiative was part of a larger biome of digital command centers providing civilian aid during the storm.