Freshman Reading Project Essay Prompt

To conclude your participation in the Freshman Reading Project, you must now write a brief reflective essay and attend a discussion session about your readings. You must complete the paper and discussion in order to remain in good standing in the Honors Program.

Here is the essay prompt:

In an essay of three pages (about 850 words), discuss the following: What kind of reader are you? Reflect on the different kinds of reading described in The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction, and ask yourself some questions: What are your strengths as a reader? What, for you, are the most important reasons for reading? In what ways would you like to improve? Try to illustrate your points by references to specific acts of reading in your past, and to passages from the book.

N.B.: A good essay will make specific reference (via page number) to passages and quotations from the books. It will seek to analyze the text while exemplifying your own opinions and views. A quality essay might also make useful reference to particular points made by our speaker at the Freshman Assembly. Grades will be based on following these instructions along with the quality of your writing. Take care to check spelling and grammar before turning in your completed essay. Note that the Baylor Writing Center is available for your use, free of charge, on this and any other paper written at Baylor.

The essay will be due to your small group discussion leader at the time of your meeting


Did you miss the Freshman Assembly?

If you missed the Freshman Assembly because of a class conflict, you need to sign up for a discussion session. Sign-up sheets are posted outside of Dr. Beck's door in the Honors Suite, Morrison 203. Once you have signed up for a particular meeting time, send an email to the discussion leader to let him or her know that you are joining the group. You can look up a student's email address via Baylor Outlook by starting a new email composition and clicking on the "To..." button next to the address bar. Please sign up as soon as possible as spots are being filled.

Please don't hesitate to contact Dr. Beck if you have any questions or if problems arise.

To hear a copy of Dr. Jacob's Freshman Assembly Talk, please click on this link or the picture below: