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Current Students

Study Abroad Forum
All students are invited to attend this year's Study Abroad Forum. The meeting will be held during one of the "Dead Days" before finals in December. Find out about where your colleagues have been traveling, and where you might end up sometime in the future!

Thesis Abstracts
CLICK HERE for a collection of recent abstracts indicative of the kinds of research and creative work pursued by Honors Program students in their thesis projects.

Honors Students working together

As Iron sharpens Iron

Honors Program Student Handbook for 2014-2015 (PDF document)

This crucial document outlines in detail the requirements and expectations for Honors students, as well as special opportunities available through the Honors Program. The handbook is largely unchanged from the previous version.

Honors Program Curriculum

Access this page for a listing of Honors courses on offer during the present (or the next) academic term, for an overview of the requirements for completing the Honors Program, and for details about courses and expectations in both the lower-division and the upper-division portions of the program, as well as information about the Honors thesis and course contracts.

Required Academic Advising for Honors Program Students

See this page for detailed instructions, updated each term, on how to arrange and to prepare for your advising appointment. Remember that no Honors Program student can register for next semester's classes without having been formally advised by program staff.

Graduation from the Honors Program

Access this page for a brief note about graduation from the Honors Program at Baylor.

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